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Experience Costa Rica

Costa Rica Overview
  • Home to rainforests, volcanoes and waterfalls, this is an eco-enthusiast's paradise
  • Come face-to-face with incredible animals like white-faced monkeys and iguanas
  • Embark on an ATV safari or a thrilling zipline through the forest canopy
  • Spa lovers can find natural 'hot spots' with volcanic mud baths and saunas

Costa Rica is bursting with natural charm and beauty. Although it makes up just 0.03% of the world's surface area, it accounts for over 6% of its biodviersity. Visiting Costa Rica means not having to choose between a relaxing beach vacation and an adventurous, action-packed holiday - you get the best of both all in one! The beaches are warm, inviting and blessed with plenty of sunshine, while the country’s interior rolls out an endless array of natural wonders to be conquered from thundering waterfalls and rainforests alive with spider monkeys and tree frogs to brooding volcanoes and dramatic geysers. Gallo Pinto, which has a literal meaning of “spotted rooster,” is the national dish of Costa Rica. Consisting of rice and beans stir-fried together, it is usually served for breakfast and washed down with a deliciously-strong cup of hot, steaming Costa Rican coffee.

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Travel tips

National language: Spanish

Language notes: Hola! While the local language is Spanish, English is widely spoken in resorts and tourist destinations.

Voltage: 110V

Travel tips: American devices use 120 V and will work with 110 V. Many resorts have 120 V plugs. For older devices, items using motors or heating (heated beauty tools, electric toothbrushes) and three prong plugs we recommend bringing an adaptor with voltage conversion.

What to pack: Don’t know what to bring? Don’t worry. Click Here for our full packing list.

What to buy: The island of Costa Rica is known as the most thrilling place of the Carribean due to its exciting excursions and wild life. A good present to bring back home would be a souvenir bottle of volcanic ash or sand. How about a native tribe mask?

Getting around: Your local Sunwing Experiences representative will handle your airport transfers, providing you with round-trip transportation from the airport to your resort and back. They are also on hand to recommend the bst experiences to ensure you make the ost of your time away. Be sure to attend you welcome briefing to learn about the handpicked selection of Sunwing Experiences offered for your destination.

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